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I am an artist born in Istanbul, Turkey. I began my artistic journey with photography, however, through experimentation with new mediums, techniques, and new forms of art, I discovered an interest in installation art. In my recent works, I have been exploring the connection between the body, water and landscape, investigating how through the manipulation of materials and the introduction of different techniques, I could challenge my practice. I started incorporating metal, sound, and movement into my work and this lead to the reawakening for me that water would be key to my practice. Coming from Istanbul where we are surrounded by water, it has always been an integral part of my life, but when I moved to Scotland this connection became blurred and somehow forgotten. In order to reconnect with this element, I started practicing again a ritual I did as a child.  Every night I would speak to a glass of water that I would then drink before going to bed. I believed that my words and intentions had an impact on the water’s structure and energy and that by drinking the water I would transfer the energy into my body. Through this reconnection with my childhood and inner self, I feel I can support the development of my practice with greater integrity.

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